Achieving Sustainability

Today is the day for a revolution. It’s time for our relationship with the food we eat and depend upon to take it to the next level. Like that first kiss which leaves you looking for more, the first time you taste a tomato that wasn’t bred to stand up to machine harvesting, one which was nurtured and fed only the best of nutrients, never sprayed with chemicals, and picked at the moment of perfection when all the sugars that the sun can provide have made their way into the body of the fruit, is like no other. We take pride in the things we create and in the cities that we build, and it’s time we see our food for what it is, our source of life.

As our populations grow, so does demand. Working together, one urban farm at a time, one garden at a time, we can begin to repair our rapidly eroding ecosystem while taking pride in creating our most valuable resource.

Explore a world of food outside the norm. Eat plant-based anything, just about anywhere. If you like amazing food, pizza, burgers, sushi, tacos,… these recipes are even better; all easy to make (mostly), and all vegan!
Food and culture go hand in hand. A cultural celebration without food is simply a parade. Let’s explore the nature of our relationship with our food.
To imagine a new sustainable way of life, we must understand where we’ve gone wrong. With 195 countries and thousands of unique food cultures, there is no fix all solution. So, where did we go wrong?